That kid from the Shriners Hospital commercial could sell water to a fish

From time to time I'll see a commercial for that Shriners Hospital (sort of like the St. Judes commercials but with disabled kids instead of ones with cancer and honestly, a lot less depressing a mood) and they have this boy in a wheelchair doing the pitching for donations and damned if he isn't persuasive. I think having actual patients do the talking instead of like c-list celebrities is way more effective a tactic. That, and not being utterly depressing. like, the St. Judes commercials are hard to watch because it's just wall-to-wall kids dying of cancer and it is just soul destroying to watch them visibly struggle with it in-between cuts of their parents barely contained agony. And you just know that at least one or two of those poor kids are probably dead by now and they just haven't reedited the commercial.

Meanwhile, the Shriners commercials are just like "all our kids are just wheelchair-bound or missing a body part, please donate so we can buy Jimmy a prosthetic hand." The difference in tone is noticeable. With St. Judes, you're donating to keep that place open so that at least some of their patients have a chance at survival. With Shriners, you're just helping to make life easier and more accessible. That doesn't mean that one hospital is better or more deserving than the other. Both are doing good work and a lot more than I'll ever do.